Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Favourite Coat

Wrap Me Up In Warmth & Cuddles

 I had been looking for one of these double breasted beauties all Autumn imagine my happiness when I found this most perfect one on SALE!

Bottom line price after 10% discount $35!  Thank you Wet Seal!  I bought this fleece wonder in an XL so that I could wear large jumpers and hoodies underneath of it...the fit is perfect!  Of course I got black but if they would have had charcoal grey, I would have most certainly got that colour too!  Charcoal is my favourite colour at the moment....It's very 'British' to me! Tartan scarf is a purchase from last year..a grand $5 find at Forever 31.

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  1. Woah those are some great deals! The jacket really is so cute!


  2. The coats cool but the shirt is Amazing!

  3. Great coat and I love the shirt underneath! I made the silly decision of buying a red coat this year and whilst I love it, it looks bloody ugly over quite a lot of things.
    I know what you mean about charcoal grey seeming British, I think it's because it feels quite military to me. Originally it was probably a scrimping and saving, can't afford colour style mindset (oh the good old British army) but has become a fashion statement nonetheless!
    Elise x