Friday, December 7, 2012

Crunchy Froot Is Makey Me Loco!

With My Head Held High...I Will Press On

I love you forever round turquoise ring!

I had almost forgotten about this beauty of a jacket that I'd picked up from H&M years ago, as it was buried away in the depths of my closet!  Poor lil' feller had been tucked away with my Union Jack button and my most awesome "Love Dove" button that my sweet faced lover pants bought for me at our local record store...Luna Records

I'd wondered where those two pins had went! 

The little black and white ditzy dot dress is an oldie but a goodie that I got many moons ago at good ol' Forever 31.  Fits like a charm and is perfect in the summer, because of the short sleeves and lovely in the fall/winter because I can layer the hell out of it! I've worn it with a jumper over it, many different cardigans have graced it, different coloured tights, booties, chelsea boots and riding boots, knee socks, ankle socks..well, you get the picture.  I'd say I've most definitely gotten my 17 dollars use out of it!  

This day was pretty basic..oxblood destroyed extra long scarf, black opaque tights, black tank, my standard black suede wooden heeled wonders (that YAY YAY YAY..will soon get a break from rotation because I finally found some high heeled chelsea platform boots in black leather on ASOS)  Thanks to chloee that's @itsschloeeee (if you'd care to follow her on twitter..which I highly recommend!  Her amazing blog that I stalk often is
Definitely check her out if you haven't already!

So back to this jacket! I went to warm my hands in the pockets and found some random treasures tucked away that actually came in handy the day I wore it!

A handy-dandy germ-X killah!  Perfect for all the nastiness I often come in contact with..
My Anthony Green guitar string strummin' apparatus
A shiny new quarter
Two ibuprofen and one unidentified white, oblong pill that I'm assuming is a migraine pill...but could quite possibly be something FUN!?  (Sadly, I'll never know, I threw it away since it was suspect)

At any rate, this was a comfy outfit that I can change up and throw into rotation quite often..I'm hoping to find another dress that fits like this one (on the shorter side for my lil' stubs) that has flowers on it...Do you have a clothing item that is versatile and gets more use than the rest?

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  1. aww thank you so much sweetie! love the outfit!! xxx

  2. You're welcome Chloe! I really do enjoy your blog so much!

    Thanks for putting that link up on your blog...I wanted them last week, but happy I waited, I scored FREE Shipping today! Finally..can you believe that we don't have HARDLY ANY chelsea boots here in the states..we are JUST now getting things with studs & spikes on them. - XX