Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let Me See Your Mug Mr. Muggles

My Favourite Mugs Are All Second Hand

1.  Stripes Forever Baby...Stripes Forever!
2.  VIVA LA Love Mug
3.  Smiley Face To Tha Face
4.  Tartan Treasure
5.  Late '6o's - Early '70's Mug O'Pleasure

So as most of you well know, I drink tea..ALOT of tea. My absolute favourite is My Morning Mate'... I drink it straight, no honey, no sugar, just as's a great nut & dark chocolate black tea that is filled to the brim with 100% caffeine and has the added benefit of being deemed a 'weight loss' tea.  I'm not seein' it...I'm not seein' results.  Regardless, it's FAB-EWW!  I can't go a single day without it and normally do two to three cups a day...wait.  crap..this post was supposed to be about my MUGS ^ up there! my mugs.  I often scour the charity shops or 'Goodwill and Salvation Army' for jumpers & shirts but my digging through old dusty throw-aways began with looking for old cameras and cool, old coffee/tea mugs.  

These are my favourite ones I've collected here recently..I use them often. At 29-59 cents each, you really can't go wrong! So when I see one that I fancy I don't think twice about putting it in my trolley! 

Fancy a spot of tea?  

What is your favourite mug of mine..?
What does YOUR favourite mug look like..?

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  1. #1 and #5 are awesome! My mom has a ton of mugs. Sort of an accidental collection.

  2. Thanks Mandy! Yeah, we sorta got a smallish 'collection' going on..I've bought Matt several mugs with cameras on them...I need a mug with a record on it!!