Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Week Of Excess

If There Was Ever Too Much...

This week was full of it.  Full of new exciting things, full of food, laughs and so very full of goodies from shopping!  I hit Goodwill (my favourite charity shop) 3 or 4 times and spent a good deal of time doing some online shopping and I even braved the mall on Saturday afternoon!  We did dinner at TGI Fridays, Ichibon and Red Lion Grog House. Needless to say I spent a good portion of tonight doing pilates in the music lounge with the lights low, some candles lit and some soft music cradling my soul.  Life is good.

As I was lying there I realized just how thankful I am for all that I beautiful man, the perfect, amazing home we've built together, our wonderful critters, good health & great happiness, a job that I enjoy and don't mind going to everyday and the fact that I am fortunate enough to buy not only the things I need but also many things I want.  So once again pilates not only helped my body but my mind & soul as well!  Ahhhhh.  Happiness.

I scored some really keen earbobs and necklaces, the red plaid skinnies I'd been coveting...some great jumpers and shirts and more beanies.

I'm thinking of doing a collective haul video "Angi style" of course, later in the week.

1.  Red Lion Grog House lunch at the pub
2.  BIG downtown on Saturday night
3.  New earbobs, new nail colour, my engaged to be engaged ring
4.  Window shopping at Indy Swank
5.  Music lounge lights down & ready for pilates
6.  Das Führer my favourite Mercedes7.  Music lounge by day Pilates Studio by night
8.  New jumper & shirt & boots oh my!
9.  Nail varnish & deer ring
10.  My beauty
11.  *M3*
12.  Pilates by candlelight  
13.  New tartan skinnies, jumper & Dorothy Perkins Chelsea boots
14.  Carts that carried out treasures from the charity shop
15.  Underground coaster holding my VOSS crisp!
16.  Diesel for Das
My week was full...full and great.  How was yours?

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