Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Bucket List


December 2012 Holiday Bucket List

Fa La La La La .... La La La La

I saw this idea on and commented to Becky, the wonderful girl behind the blog, that I wanted to do one of my own and give her props of course!  (If you have not visited her so now!)  

So here is mine and I have to say that I'm quite excited to do this post as I've thought a lot about what I wanted to put on it this past week.  

1.  Go to an ugly sweater party 

2.  Make Christmas cookies

3. Go see the holiday decorations downtown

4. Donate items to the animal shelter

5.  Drive around with hot chocolate and look at holiday decorations on homes

6.  Make my holiday cards (and actually MAIL them out!)

7.  Watch Elf, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation

8.  Paint my nails red and glittery

9.  Kiss under some mistletoe

10.  Wake up and laugh on December 22nd

If I can only get to one of the items on this list I would have to say the most important one to me is to donate to the animal shelter.  

Do you have a December bucket list?  What's on YOUR list??

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  1. aw lovely list :) glad you liked my post and it inspired you to do your own! xx

    1. Thanks for the inspiration Becky!

  2. Ah this has made me feel very festive, I need to make a list.

    Elise x

    1. Yes Elise...make one!!! I'd love to see your list ;) xx