Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blind. Melon. Do You Know Why?

All I Can Say Is That My Life Is Pretty Plain,

 I Like Watchin' The Puddles Gather Rain.

Day 2 of 7 for the OOTD Challenge

Day two is one of my favourite most recent purchases!  Sit down and let me blather at you about it!!  *insert girl squeal here*

Look, maybe it's the wine talking but I luh-huh-HUV this mustard jumper!  I'd been on the lookout for one that fit just 'so' for quite sometime.  Of course the shopping Gods smiled upon me and led me to this most perfect one at Forever 31.  At just $22.80 it was a real I got an extra 30% off of it for some unknown reason.

For this outfit I paired it with my black & white long sleeved stripey from ....where else Forever 31 
The neff beanie is a buy one get one for 50% off deal from Zumiez and is by far my favourite beanie in my collection.  Snake ear bobs ....believe it or not were buy one get one free at ...of all places...SPENCER GIFTS!  what? yeah. Thanks Spencer..Spencers..How do you even say it?  The leggies are my newest obsession.  Straight from Forever 31 online the 'liquid legging' in darkest charcoal. (looks black to me, but whatever)  

My poor black heeled wonders makin' the rounds again for this outfit..but I will say, I tried on my new low Chelsea boots with these leggings and uh..NO.  I looked like an Oompa Loompa ready to pull Agustus from the giant vat of chocolate!   These leggings most definitely  have to be worn with heels of some sort (at least on my STUBS!)  

I'd always hoped to make it to 5 feet tall.  Guess some dreams are never meant to come true.

Snakes & Liquids

What does your favourite jumper look like?  What do you pair it with the most?

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  1. Ahhh I LOVE this outfit!! It looks so comfy and casual yet exciting at the same time. I love the touch of the non-matte leggings and the boots really work.
    Elise x

  2. Elise thanks so much for visiting my blog..I always look forward to your input on what I post! These leggings are UNBELIEVABLY comfortable! The ones I had on tonight are even MORE so! *pleather stripes down the sides* I'm SO excited to get my platform heeled chelsea boots in from the UK next week! These booties need a REST! - xx