Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Daze

Holiday 2012-Little Things That Made Me Smile

My new Keep Calm And Carry On pillow I bought for myself...Tanya sent me some Happy Hippo biscuits and a Union Jack "Lil Ben" bottle snuggie!
Hidden animal he comes!

Lil Ben bottle snuggie! Genius 

My new tea pot from my wonderful workmate Thank you Kelly!

There he is!!!...I got a fox!

My 2012 family ornament - Foxy

Cupcake Nutcracker

The table is set for our very informal Christmas Eve munchies...complete with white tea & cookies

Tea cups from the charity shop..Great find!

Dining area 

My work area where I blog & tweet.  Some of my Lomography & vintage cameras and my Mid Century Modern Cuckoo clock!

My turntable area in my music lounge = happiness!

One of my amazing gifts from secret santa from England!

A few of my cameras:  1/2 frame camera, Polaroid,  SuperSampler 4 photo camera, Fisheye II, Lomography ring flash and Diana +
(Holga is on my other shelf...I use it quite a bit!)

Some great magnets from Pippa!

Let's EAT!!!

Loving our Mid Century Modern table from the 1960's..we normally have it folded down without the leafs to seat 4..this is with two leafs in it ....we've still got one more leaf we could add in!

I made cookies!

Hot white tea anyone?

Found the perfect spot for our tree

Tree & starburst clock

A little red wine before we begin....
Hanging out in the music lounge..gettin' buzzed

French baguette to go with the white chili I made..some more Union Jack items and German rock sugar for those who like their tea sweet

Solar Queen...put her in a window and her handbag gathers the solar power so she can do the proper Queen wave!

Wave on Queen!

One of my favourite gifts this year!

A whole book making fun of hipsters!

T-Pain yourself...this thing is great, you sing into it and T-Pain your voice..record your songs and then plug the USB into your computer and load the songs onto iTunes!

Adult colouring book....I laughed for hours!

This was just a little peek into my 2012 holiday...It was a good one for sure.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their friends and family.  What was your favourite gift you got this year? What was your favourite holiday tradition that you got to enjoy with loved ones?  Do you have photos of your favourite ornament?



  1. Love the mug and love the decor of your home

  2. thank you!! Our home was built in the 1960's so we wanted to make it as mid century modern as we could..we bought it and moved in about 7 months ago....a couple lived here before us and they were the original old we are still doing our updates and was covered (EVERY room) in wall paper. we put the stone wall up all new flooring and accented it with all the 60's style. I love coming home to it!

  3. I love the mix of retro and new and 60s are my fav interiors - lucky you.