Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Critter Buffet

Nom Nom Nom - Critters Need Yummy Snacks Too!

Seeds...Fill The Trays...Frozen Seed Treats...Ready For The Critters To Enjoy!

So lucky me!  Our new home is a virtual critter sanctuary and everyone knows I LOVE CRITTERS!  With winter upon us and snow quickly piling up outside, I worry about all of the cute little squirrels, birds and rabbits who frequent our yard and trees.

I found a fun activity in a kids magazine last year and decided to give it a go.  Basically you take an ice cube tray (I got mine at Forever 21 for $4.00 and it's shaped like stars) some bird seed and or nuts, some water and some string...and VOILA!  A critter buffet fit for all the little kings & queens of critterville who reside in my backyard. This is something fun, easy and quick you can do to help the animals during the winter. 

These are great treats that the animals can nibble on while they are still frozen or as the weather warms a bit the ice will begin to melt and drop the seeds onto the ground for the critters to find.

Place the ice cube tray on a plate for easy transfer to the freezer...Pour the bird seed into the ice cube tray (a little over half full)

Seeds, Ice Cube Tray & Plate
Pour seeds into try

I used my regular feed that I put 
into my bird feeders year can use nuts (shelled) or any feed that you may have lying around.

I make the treats for the squirrels, birds and rabbits..or any critter that needs a snack. I don't discriminate, I love all critters the same! 

Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching any feeder or surface where birds may have been! 

Leave room for the water!!

Ready for the water!

Pour some water into the ice cube tray until the water line almost hits the top edge and the seeds begin to float

Take your pre cut string (I used some friendship bracelet cord) but you can use ANY string or ribbon..or if you want to just sit the snacks around your yard you can leave the string out) push the string down into the bird seed.  You can also take one long piece of string and run it across the length of the ice cube tray so that you are able to string 2, 4, 6 or 8 feed cubes from one branch to the next. (See Below)

Add your string or ribbon...or leave it out if you prefer!  They're YOUR snack whatcha like! 

Place the critter snacks into the freezer and let them freeze until done

Take the critter snacks out of the freezer, pop them into a bowl and take them outside to hang on the trees and place around your yard.

Frozen snack treats ready for nibblin'

Sit back and enjoy the critter show as they eat the yummy snacks you've made for them!

Thank you Angi...eeeek eeek eeek!!

Let me know if you make some snack treats for the critters in your yard!  I'd love to see your creations.  And remember..ALWAYS be kind to ALL animals and teach your children to do the same! 


Friday, December 28, 2012

DeeOhGee In Winter Wonderland

   DOG's First Snow Adventure!

Dog is a long haired Chihuahua...we rescued him and could NOT BE MORE PLEASED.  HE sings, he dances, he SMILES..a big, true smile!  He is SUPER cuddly and loves everyone he meets. Loves other dogs, cats, name it!  Why someone would get rid of him is beyond me.  He makes me smile!  And....he loves me!

We had a 'Blizzard' a few days back and I was not sure how he would do in the snow. Surprisingly he LOVED it!  Here is a short video of DOG dressed in one of his many sweaters, his camo coat (to stay on trend) and his snazzy little Ugg boots. 



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Daze

Holiday 2012-Little Things That Made Me Smile

My new Keep Calm And Carry On pillow I bought for myself...Tanya sent me some Happy Hippo biscuits and a Union Jack "Lil Ben" bottle snuggie!
Hidden animal he comes!

Lil Ben bottle snuggie! Genius 

My new tea pot from my wonderful workmate Thank you Kelly!

There he is!!!...I got a fox!

My 2012 family ornament - Foxy

Cupcake Nutcracker

The table is set for our very informal Christmas Eve munchies...complete with white tea & cookies

Tea cups from the charity shop..Great find!

Dining area 

My work area where I blog & tweet.  Some of my Lomography & vintage cameras and my Mid Century Modern Cuckoo clock!

My turntable area in my music lounge = happiness!

One of my amazing gifts from secret santa from England!

A few of my cameras:  1/2 frame camera, Polaroid,  SuperSampler 4 photo camera, Fisheye II, Lomography ring flash and Diana +
(Holga is on my other shelf...I use it quite a bit!)

Some great magnets from Pippa!

Let's EAT!!!

Loving our Mid Century Modern table from the 1960's..we normally have it folded down without the leafs to seat 4..this is with two leafs in it ....we've still got one more leaf we could add in!

I made cookies!

Hot white tea anyone?

Found the perfect spot for our tree

Tree & starburst clock

A little red wine before we begin....
Hanging out in the music lounge..gettin' buzzed

French baguette to go with the white chili I made..some more Union Jack items and German rock sugar for those who like their tea sweet

Solar Queen...put her in a window and her handbag gathers the solar power so she can do the proper Queen wave!

Wave on Queen!

One of my favourite gifts this year!

A whole book making fun of hipsters!

T-Pain yourself...this thing is great, you sing into it and T-Pain your voice..record your songs and then plug the USB into your computer and load the songs onto iTunes!

Adult colouring book....I laughed for hours!

This was just a little peek into my 2012 holiday...It was a good one for sure.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their friends and family.  What was your favourite gift you got this year? What was your favourite holiday tradition that you got to enjoy with loved ones?  Do you have photos of your favourite ornament?


Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Cross To Bear

The Jumper Makes Me Want To... "Jump-Jump"

This fabulous find was only $10 at Wetseal...I was buying pair of pants *that were also on sale* and the shop girl reminded me that it was one of those "buy anything get something else for $10" days.  I was hard pressed to find something I needed..let alone something I wanted.  Then I came across this loose knit jumper that is extra long, extra cozy and extra inexpensive!  So I went with it.  I've worn it quite a few times already feeling like I've gotten my $10 worth out of it even if it sits and doesn't get put into rotation again...but I have a feeling it will!  The white cross is somewhat see-thru so I paired a black & white striped tank underneath it for the photos.  

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