Thursday, November 22, 2012

Such A Wonderful Lazy Day

Tupac And The Chihuahua

Ahhh...having the day off of work calls for an outfit that will work well when I'm slothing around here and there.  Especially today when my belly is so full it's about to bust!  I don't remember Tupac being quite so 'puffy' in the chestal region!!

The shoes I hate to love... >>>

 Tupac or Biggie ...THAT is the question!  For me it was ALWAYS Tupac...
To me Biggie always sounded like he had a mouth full of mashed potatoes
I could never really get past that.  Not to mention that Tupac was beautiful
and the fact his rapping didn't make me automatically think about fried chicken & biscuits was a huge plus!

Hoodie - H&M
Shorts - Forever 21
Tights - Target
Shoes - Aldo
Shirt & Beanie - Zumiez
Earbobs - Home made!

So now I ask YOU the question..Tupac or Biggie?

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    1. I knew I liked you for some reason OTHER than your amazing sense of style! ;)

  2. Great post, your blog is adorable!
    Would you like to join my GIVE AWAY?
    Love, Anna


    1. Hello Anne...Many thanks! I will check your page out tonight and I'm sure I will! - xx