Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Week Of Splendor...

Places To Go & People To See

This past week proved to be very interesting indeed! I did a 4 day work week which I LOVED, shopped a tad bit...(oops), did a video about my haul, went to an abandoned amusement park to shoot photos and almost got busted!  Had some great meals with my love and laughed  a whole hell of a lot!  All in all it was a fabulous week.  And I've got a 3 day work week to look forward to THIS week...Super excited about that!

A few snapshots of a few things in my life this past week:

My own little space.  I spent a lot of time in my music lounge/studio this past week..

A book for my many ideas, I make heart shaped things for the one I love, My Beautiful manfriend being the most amazing photographer that he is, My Robot necklace, Heart shaped cookies taste better, Precious faced DeOhGee

One of the old rides left standing and neglected at Kentucky Kingdom an abandoned amusement park near our home.

Many records were spun around last week...

A relaxing backyard prop I used for an OOTD photo shoot....coming this week so stay tuned!

Was your week as beautiful as mine?

Leave me a comment below I look at, appreciate and reply to of them!  Thank you for visiting my blog!



  1. I love the effects of the camera, very sepia/vintage, and I see all the british flag decor also, haha I love it! I also love the studio also, so comfy!

  2. Hey Pretty Lady!! Thanks for the comment! I'm so happy you visit my blog and peek around! You are such a huge inspiration to me! These photos are from my Canon Elph..I can't say enough great things about it! Yeah, you know me and my British obsession. I have no idea just 'is'. yes, my studio is my get-away safe place from the world. It's all mine and I love having my own space. So very thankful! - xx

  3. Your lounge/studio looks awesome!!! And I'm so jealous that you went to an abandoned amusement park. I want to go!