Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn Favourites

I decided to wait until the end of the month so I could see exactly which products I was using daily or almost daily.  This is my first favourites tag I've done since I started blogging and I have to say a few of these items were recommended by some of the bloggers I THANK YOU for that!
You simultaneously helped to empty my wallet out AND turn me onto to some great items that I can see being a party of my routine every month!  I hope you find something in my 'finds' that you may want to give a try and if you do please leave me a comment with your feedback!

Since I cut my hair boy short I obviously can't pull it back into a pony or curl it on the  2nd day.  Yes, I'm forced to wash it now!  Which, I like it being clean but my hair is so fine it does better on 2nd or even 3rd day when it's longer.  So finding  this shampoo: Sexy Heatlhy Hair for fine and colour treated hair is great!  It is sulfate free so it's gentle enough to use everyday and the smell....light, fresh & uplifting!  I would still use this shampoo if my hair were longer, it's so light it wouldn't weigh it down at all!


When I had my hair cut short I also had it bleached out all over.  So as you know that zaps the moisture right outta that hair shaft!  Sexy Healthy Hair is excellent for giving me the moisture I need without making my hair into a greasy, weighted down mess.  I absolutely LOVE the smell of it!

Leave In Conditioner Mist-

Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Tri Wheat Leave-In Conditioner is AMAZING!  It is rare that I use a whole line from start to finish...but these products really delivered!  I needed something to add moisture but I wanted my hair to be a messy mess, hence the short, easy haircut and these products helped it to do just that.  I used this product everyday for the past month except for 3 days when I ran out and I could totally tell on the really blonde parts..the parts that had been bleached over bleach over bleach! Yes. I know that is frowned upon, but lets be honest if you've been a blonde, you've done it! DON'T JUDGE ME!!  It truly did give my hair a shiny, healthy appearance! SMELL IS AWESOME!

Styling Product- (wet)

Bumble and bumble styling creme!  I can't say enough good things about this product.  I used it when my hair was long and now that my hair is short it works even better.  I work it through my hair when it's damp and it gives body, shine and a soft pliable hold..never sticky..NEVER stiff.  $25 for 8oz but you only need a dollop!

Styling Product- (dry)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Aveda  Control Paste!  Loose and piece-y, or stand-up and messy! It gives my hair so much texture and a great "low-sheen look"  I put this in the in morning during my styling routine and I can mess with my hair several times during the day and change it up.  And of course, it's Aveda, so it smells divine! I like that it doesn't leave a film on my hair after I wash it.  Great product for short or medium length hair.  $22 for 1.7oz


Tigi powder foundation in Shi-Shi has been perfect for me this month...not too powdery, but not too creamy.  I like the way it feels on my skin, pretty much as if I've got nothing on my skin at all!  I have two different colours of this powder one for when I'm darker and one for Autumn/Winter when I'm a tad lighter.  I use it as a stand alone or apply it over Organic Wear tinted moisturizer  in Light to Natural, for more of a creamy coverage.  $35

Brightening Powder-

Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder is my favorite loose powder at the moment.  I especially like it when I'm a little less tan and need just a wee bit of brightness without a bronzy look.  Brushing it over your face you feel the velvety texture and immediately see the your skin tone pop.  I also like the fact that it has orchid extract that helps to soften and moisturize the skin, along with possessing antiseptic properties.  $11


NARS The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick,  in Orgasm.  Love.This.Product!  So light and versatile!
Lightweight cream to powder so it blends easily and beautifully!  It definitely gives some shimmer and highlights on my cheeks ...but not too much.  Sheer and perfect!  $39 for a 5oz stick


Revlon Kissable Lip Balm Stains of course!  I'd wanted to try these and kept putting it off...but after reading  Sophia's review on  I decided to go for it.  They are only $7 each and as she states, they go on sheer but I found that two coats does me just up the colour slowly for more intense colour.  I use them alone or with my MAC lip liner in Stripped Down.


I use mascara matter what! Unless I'm sick, I have mascara on. I do not leave the house without it! Luckily my lashes are long but they are thin (like the hair on my head) and I need PLUMPED!  Maybelline the COLOSSAL VOLUM' Express mascara does just that!  I did find however, if you are wanting to apply two coats..wait until the first one is completely dry...otherwise it gets too wet & slippy all over your eyelids!  booooo!  $8


TEAVANA-My Morning Mate Tea - They say: rich and robust caffeine mix of mate, black tea, and red rooibos. A natural energy boost and a healthier alternative to coffee, a morning blend that is filled to the brim with sweet cocoa, chocolate and almond bits, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts and coriander rounded off with warm hazelnut and cinnamon..I say: DELICIOUS!  I don't go a day without this..normally 2-4 cups a day.  I don't do honey or rock sugar in it because it doesn't need it.  It truly tastes like chocolate and nuts in liquid form.  $55 for 16oz

What are your favourites this Autumn?  Have you tried any of these products and if so, what were your results?  Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget to subscribe!


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