Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Week Of A Whole Lotta...WHAT?!

Most Of The Time I Just Sit And Ponder
November 18th-25th

1.  Some light Jewelry making went on
2.  Chicken & cheese stuffed ravioli with marsala wine & mushroom sauce
3.  Barbie tree topper at the charity shop
4.  My all time favourite Thanksgiving pie
5.  Yogurt covered pretzels, dark chocolate with sea salt & almonds, mixed nuts
6.  My little buddy - Dog pronounced DeOhGee

This week was Thanksgiving so I had a three day work week which was FABULOUS!  The night before Thanksgiving my manfriend and I went thrifting for a bit before we stuffed ourselves full of Outback Steakhouse.  It was at the thrift store, Goodwill, that I saw the little Christmas tree with the Barbie plopped right on top.  I made mention of how awesome it was and the cute girl named Elena who was ringing us up said "Oh...that's MY doing!" I said 'Well I DIG it!..Kudos Elena, kudos!"  

I crafted some spiked gold tone jewelry  this week as I could not find any at the off to the Hobby Lobby I went.  I came home and crafted myself a great spiked necklace and pair of earrings ON THE CHEAP!  The crafting went nicely with a glass of Oliver Soft Red wine and some Amy Winehouse on the turntable..A good night indeed!

How was your week..anything exciting?  Any good finds at your local charity shop?

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