Monday, November 5, 2012

Indy Swank

Oh So Swanky...

Indy Swank is an 'urban cool' shoppe in Fountain Square that offers up wares from local artists alongside high fashion vintage clothing.  Unique items for her, him and home!  A fellow blogger and friend of mine, Mandy Crandell, offers up her handmade goodies there as well as on check her out!  Our first Friday adventure ended at Indy Swank so I was able to snag a few treats for myself while a local DJ was spinning tunes at the front of the store.  

Through the looking glass...I love this ring!

bottle opener/mustache - a must have!
hot girl flask - a must have! 

MEOW - neck gear
for him..for her

handmade rings galore! ivory & ebony kitties, Mandy Crandell serves up some love for your neck, need a wine opener and a mustache...well here ya go!  what would a trip to Fountain Square be without a fixie bike out front?

Some of my treasures...

What goodies would you have picked up? 

Work being displayed and for sale at Indy Swank

Do you have a cool urban shoppe that specializes in showcasing local artists in your area?  I'd love to see your local shoppe!


  1. IndySwank is one of my favorite spots! Really love your photos. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Of course're work is amazing! I'm loving the swank..I buy something every time I go!

  3. (and THANK YOU!) *about the photos...means a lot coming from you! ;)

  4. I lovee that hipflask! Really cool place. xx

  5. The Handlebar is GENIUS, I love a good pun. Really love your nails and ring in the first picture too.


    1. Thank you, my nails are so sad right now.... I was just thinking yesterday "I need to go back and get that handlebar!!! wine would LOVE IT!" Thanks for lookin' around and for the sub! Off to check out your blog - xx