Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lunch Break Shopping Bits....

Hey you!  I love your England

crafty collars, Jack-A-Lope decor, my little helper, what's up stud? and some bits!

So I've been loving all of the spikes and studs that I've been seeing all over the web..but unfortunately I'm in the Midwest and we don't have a huge selection going on here. I didn't fret about it too much though, because I'm (as the Beastie Boys would say) "Crafty" not crafty like Skilled in underhandedness or deviousness type of way..but you know...CRAFTY, like your Grannie! So I decided to pick up an inexpensive plaid shirt and throw some studs & spikes on it myself.  I felt better about that anyway since it is pretty trendy and I don't like to spend a too much on trendy items.  

Hobby Lobby provided the metal for this project and I utilized my attention to detail and labour skills.  

One of my favorite purchases from my Thursday lunch break shopping spree was the old school Casio digital watch I scored for a mere $20!  I've been wanting one for ages and I was super excited to find the perfect one for me at such a bargain price!

Talking French mistletoe...what??  Oui Oui tis true!

Jack-A-Lope holding my new shirt, bits for the necklace I'm making
oui, oui talking French mistletoe, old school Casio watch, jumper & plaid shirt

Have you bought any fun Holiday bits yet?  What are you favourite new trends?  Do you have any particular items you're looking for when you're out?



  1. I love this post. Glad to hear somebody else is getting prematurely into the holiday spirit too.

    You're on my nominated list for the Leibster/Versatile blogger award too if you haven't already done it :)

    Elise x

  2. Oh my gosh Elise!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I put a link to your blog on my facebook page so that my friends could see your page & know who nominated me! I have not done I will this week. Very excited! - xx