Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Relaxed Autumn Cover

If You Listen Close You Can Hear Me ROAR

Sunday we had absolutely amazing weather and I thought I'd take advantage of it and get some photos outside before we freeze up!
Since it was designated 'leaf rake day' I decided to get comfy in my $1.00 leopard jeans and old as dirt, paper thin grey sweatshirt and get down to business..."cute style", so the neighbors wouldn't have to look out and see yet another boring 'leaf raking ensemble' ...I know, I know you're thinking "how very sweet of her, giving such visual consideration to others." 

Well damn! I'd rather look out my window and see someone raking leaves in some hipster attire rather than than a COLTS jersey!  And if I never see another pair of mom jeans or Velcro closure stark white tennis shoes when I look out my front window, it will be TOO SOON!

At any rate I did a quick photo shoot before the festivities began and I had to change from my black flats into my grey Chuck Taylor's!  Rake, rake, rake...Bag, bag, bag...in style. 

From the back to the front Leopard was the word

1. Earbobs on bark 2. ensemble 3. beanie & guns 4. rings on moss

The hibbiest thing in sight...

What time is it...It's time to rake the leaves - bummer

my most recent perfect purchase - $12

Raking leaves left me famished...off for some Teriyaki & chips with salt & vinegar

What is your favourite relax outfit to kick around in on a Sunday afternoon? 

Leave me a comment below I look at, appreciate and reply to every.single.one of them!  Thank you for visiting my blog!



  1. Lovely photos :) xo


    1. Thank you Stephanie..thanks for visiting my blog ! Off to check yours out now! - xx

  2. You are one stylish chick. Wish I could look out my window and see SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, rake a leaf around these parts. BUT, my neighbors are hermits and never come outside, which I think is a bit strange, but to each his own...

    Love ur TAT, btw.

    1. haha..thanks Nik! The leaves are allllll gone! ;) -xx