Sunday, November 25, 2012

Autumn Flats & OOTD Video

All They Are Is Shoes In The Wind

I love making videos but I realized that I am not so much the type to sit in front of the camera and show the goodies & talk.  I wanted to make something more 'artsy' *for lack of a better term* and less 'Angi sitting and blathering on and on' (even thought I DO love a good blather session!)  So I came up with this..hopefully you'll be seeing more of these  types of videos from me as I REALLY enjoy filming AND editing this type!  If you have any ideas for this type of video please leave it in the comments below!  

Black Studded Shoes - Bakers $35
Hot Pink Tartan Shoes - Target $15 (kids size 3)
Grey Mary Janes - Target $15 
Cobalt Blue Shoes - Charlotte Russe $15
Grey & Red Tartan Shoes - Kohls $30
Leopard Print Shoes - Target $15 (kids size 3)
Green Jeans - Kohls $20
Skinny Jeans - Wet Seal $25
I <3 NY T-Shirt - Goodwill $2
Striped Cardigan - Forever 21 $27
Black Cardigan With Elbow Patches - H&M $20
Dangle Earbob - Nordstrom $20
Spoon Ring - Vintage Shoppe (Gift)
Stud/Spike Ring - Forever 21 $5 (set of two)
Old School Casio Digital Watch - WalMart $20

Do you have a certain type of shoe that buy many pairs of?  

I read and appreciate every.single comment.. so please leave one letting me know what you think or any questions you may have! I reply to every comment I receive within 24 hours, so if you ask a question please be sure to check back as I will always answer! You can also contact me directly on Twitter for a more immediate response @73angi 



  1. Loved your video, very well put together, would you be interested in doin a USA/ UK swap with me?

    Lou x

  2. Thank you Lou! I 'm hoping to do more of these! Indeed I would (after the Holiday would be perfect!) Thanks for watching and for commenting - xx

  3. Great, I know what you mean, the holidays are fast approaching, very exciting. Look forward to your next video/ post.

    Lou x

  4. Angi - This is WAY more interesting and exciting than the "blathering on" videos that are so common on blogs. I truly dig your style ;) This video is amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I can't wait to see the next video!!!!!!!!!