Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stripes & Floral - For You Chloeee!

Stripes & Floral - One Of My Favourite Combinations!

A few days ago Chloee (one of the British bloggers that I follow and adore) *check her out!*  was saying she purchased some floral slipper shoes and asked on Twitter  "What can I wear floral pattern slipper shoes with? Been wanting to wear them for days but I can't seem to style them!" 

This was a perfect opportunity for me to extend one of my favourite 'mis matched pattern go to's'  So I chimed in "Why with STRIPES of course!"  To which the lovely Chloeeeee (as her Poppa likes to text to her) *teehee* replied "I've never tried it!!!"
Not that this is anything so original or anything...I don't want to come off sounding as such, just one of my favourite looks, so I was happy to share it with someone who, in my eyes, has such impeccable style! 

That being said I promised her I'd send some photos her way of some of my floral/stripe combos.  One that I did NOT include is my floral skirt with striped shirt..I also did not include any of my cardigan looks...or shoes. I stuck with the scarf/shirt combinations as I was pressed for time after working a long, hard day and this is all I had time to come up with.  

As you'll see I'm a bit of a scarf hoarder.  I have wayyy too many and so one of my resolutions for this year was to 'downsize' my scarf collection and NOT PURCHASE SO MANY in the future.  I did, however, just purchase one from Kohls (as it was only $15 and I had $10 in Kohls cash, thus making it a mere $5..and I really liked it for spring/summer and I don't have anything like it colour or pattern wise)  *Do I sound like I was trying to convince myself that this was a 'valid' purchase??* Probably because I WAS!  

So, here we go..enjoy..and please if you have any pattern combinations that are not so 'matchy matchy' send your links my way!

This is my favourite striped & white classic from Forever 21 - $18  Floral infinity scarf - Macys $38

Black, red & turquoise square scarf  from Forever 21 - $12

Ragged & worn hot pinkish floral scarf - WetSeal *clearance* $5

Antique floral scarf  Forever 21 - $14
Another favourite striped shirt cream & navy from Forever 21  - $12,  Navy & coral floral scarf  $12
Forever 21

 This is one of my favourite finds from the antique shoppe last year!  At only $5 I couldn't resist! It has stripes AND floral built right in!  The great mint, navy & coral colors are perfect for spring  and this light material makes it perfect for summer evenings on the run..pair it with a basic white t or navy tank and some gladiator sandals and you're good to go!  

Even in the summer I still pile on the scarves..I just go with one of my smallish, very light neck scarves!  I generally find these at antique shoppes or charity shops & yard sales.  All of mine are vintage which makes me love them even more and at only $2, $3 or $ really can't NOT buy them! 

Antique shoppe find - scarf from France $5

Antique shoppe find - $5
 This great pink, yellow & light blue scarf is the newest addition to my collection.  I picked it up at Kohls for $5.  I am excited to incorporate this one into my spring/summer 2013 wardrobe, possibly with a striped mint 3/4 length sleeved shirt or a mint cardigan...and a splash of navy. I love mint & navy together!  

Newest addition - Kohls $5 (after using my $10 Kohls cash)

Show me your favourite combinations of patters or colours !!!

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  1. I am also a big fan of stripes and florals as a combination. I LOVE your new scarf too. One month into my five month spending ban and things are getting tough. I have serious shopping envy!

    Elise x

  2. Hey Elise!! You strike me as a floral & stripes kinda girl! ;) Thank you.....I DO love that new scarf (even though it's WAYYY too cold to wear it now) & can you believe that it's the ONLY thing I've purchased since I put myself on the ban?!! I'm proud of myself. I only allowed myself to get it because it was $5. (after the $10 free Kohls cash I had) I even took a big pile of clothes to the second hand shop and got $120 for the lot...then cleaned out my purses & bags and turned in all the change that was laying around in them and got another $82! I'm saving that money towards an iPad. ...'cuz ya know, I REALLY need that .... *dripping with sarcasm!* I'm such a sucker for Apple products!

    Thanks so much for stopping to see what's new on your blog now!


  3. Hi,

    Just discovered your blog. Its great, i love your fashion reviews especially
    I love the black scarf with red roses, its very pretty

  4. I'm terrible at mixing patterns, but all these combinations look so lovely! I'm a stripes hoarder as bad as you seem to be with your scarves, I just seem to be drawn to black and white stripes, especially when they're knitted :) Just found your blog and am enjoying a read, your blogging space in the post below looks so inspiring and filled with lovely things!

  5. I like this combination as well! And there are some truly beautiful pieces in the photos :)

  6. love this!!

  7. Hello my beautiful #InstaFriend! How did I not know you were a blogger! Xoxox