Sunday, January 20, 2013

December Purchases Part I

Dress Me Up In Cozy Tee's And Warm Knits

December was unseasonably warm here in the Midwest so I took full advantage of it by layering up vintage, destroyed tee's with knit jumpers & cardigans daily.  I have somewhat of an obsession with black t-shirts I can't seem to get enough of them.  Especially when they are the softest cotton that has been worn in and somewhat destroyed.  The softer the better!

Most of these goodies are things I picked up in earl December, but me being me I fell behind on my blogging with all that was going on before the holidays.  All of these items have been in pretty heavy rotation here lately as I decided to do a thorough clean out of my closet.  Ridding myself of items I knew I would not utilize in the next few months.  I have to say it does feel quite liberating to go to my closet and NOT be faced with an over abundance of choices.

Mustard Jumper - Forever 21, Destroyed Owl Tee - Forever 21, Black & White Knit Colour Blocked Cardi - Forever 21,  Union Jack Knit Pom Beanie - Primark (UK)


Giant Spike Necklace - Forever 21, Six Layer Necklace - Forever 21

Polka Dot Knee Socks - Forever 21,  Cozy Cat In Bow Tie Tee - Forever 21

These socks go great with my Chelsea boots & tights!

I loved the destroyed look of this forever 21 shirt...and it's so very soft!

I bought this cardigan extra big so that I could take advantage of layering it up during the cold months.

After the clean out and review of my closet I decided that I probably won't be buying anymore jumpers or knits.  Although there was a studded & spiked black cardi that I had had my eye on since early December and I did pick it up last weekend (photos on my next blog post)  Spring items are out in the store and I have a feeling I'll stock pile spring dresses to wear into the summer months and then utilize with tights and cardigans next fall.  One spring item I do have my eye on is the very pricey, but VERY stylish Matiko Sharon Perforated Bootie!!

If I end up purchasing them they will be in rotation quite a bit due to #1 the cost and #2 the fact that they will go with so many cute spring outfits...even basic skinnies & plain tee's with minimal OR statement jewelry will be given a stylish kick with these babies on my feet!  *Can you tell I'm talking myself into this purchase ...slowly, but surely*



  1. Your beanie is so cute! I love cosy knits in the winter x

  2. i love that hat- so cool! and that cat top is friggin awesome xx