Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nars - Larger Than Life Eyeliner

Day 1 - Research:

Forever on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner, I was more than skeptical when I read a review stating 'budgeproof' -- Uh huh..surrrre... I've heard that one before!  As I read the entire review I felt like the words were popping out at me, trying to lure my $23 right out of my wallet....Sitting at my desk adjectives seemed to be swirling above my head in slow motion spiral "smudgeproof", "rich", "creamy", "next level".  NEXT LEVEL?!?  what tha?  That term is something I reserve for  trying to describe what ZEF is:
                                                                              Some 'Next Level Shit'          

At any rate I could tell this was going to require a trip to Sephora to do a hands on experiment to see if there was any validity to these claims!

Day 2 - Execute experiment on 'budgeproof' eyeliner and possibly purchase

Walking into Sephora that Thursday I am more than a little cynical as I've tried about a bazillion no smudge, 12 hour, waterproof, end all, be all eyeliners.  I  walk over and find the display but much to my dismay the slot for the colour that I am wanting is empty.  Lucky for me though, Ellie, a bubbly, smallish girl with bright eyes and hair like Amy Winehouse, ran to the back straight away and scooped me up a Via Veneto with the quickness!  I searched around for the tester while she was gone and ran the tip across the back of my hand.  I immediately took my index finger and rubbed it over the top of the rich, black line....it smeared.  I cried a little inside.  Then I realized that this is one of those times that my manfriend is always talking about.  You see, I am a 'now girl' now now NOW! I want results, action, items NOW!  It occurred to me that I should maybe apply it, wait a few moments, let it 'set' and THEN try the anti-smudge test.   So I did and-voilĂ !  It did.not.budge!  It was as if a gaping hole opened up in the roof of Sephora and a warm, glowing light was beaming down on me right there in the store!  I was elated.

I took my wares to the register and checked out happily.  Thanking Ellie for the haste she'd made in retrieving this glorious life enhancer from the depths of the Sephora vault for me.  I drove home blissfully until I saw a 250 pound teenage girl on a moped stuffed into a bright yellow track suit that read "CANTALOUP" across her bum!  I cried a little more inside.

Day 3 -  Operation 'BUDGEPROOF' - Red Team GO!

I awoke a little earlier on Friday excited to apply my makeup and really see this liner in action.
Went on smooth, no lag on the water line, looked rich, didn't irritate my eyes...but the real test was yet to come.  Normally by 9 a.m. I'm taking a Q-tip and running it under my lower lashes to clean up any excess from my 7 a.m. application.  Not this time!  I anxiously awaited my workmate Rachel to  arrive at work so I could blather on at her about my $23 purchase the night before.  I knew that she would appreciate and actually understand my slightly mad ramblings about the NARS eyeliner.. as she was the prestige manager at Ulta before I  recruited her to come and apply for a position at my office.  She arrived!  I ran to her office barely letting her get her parka off and began my chatter...eyeliner in hand I wrote several letters, numbers, symbols across my hand and waited a few moments then I rubbed until my hand was red and like magic it stayed put!  The NARS eyeliner proved to in fact  "BUDGEPROOF".  I grinned, pointed and hopped up and down a tad bit even made some strange happy girly squeaky sound....before she politely asked me to exit her office.

I headed back to my office and immediately grabbed my pocket mirror...yep, it was still on, the line was thin and going strong. I was satisfied.  Ahhhh, commence to drinking tea and watching YouTube videos, another good day at the office!

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner  you get:  Five Stars


  1. My friend works at Sephora (one of 3 jobs)! I may have to inquire. :)

  2. I highly suggest it if you are in the market for an eyeliner! Maybe you and I need to do a girls day and visit your friend at Sephora!

  3. I love this post! Great one, love!
    You know, I've never tried a NARS liner before. I've allllllllways wanted to but the price-tag would defer me lol! I think, after this post, I could be swayed. Great review!