Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi welcome to my blog! I've wanted to start a blog for the past few years but didn't know what I wanted to blog about..(Can I type BLOG one more time?) BLOG! Then it hit me after reading another bloggers 'about me' section. They had posted how they didn't have any hobbies and blogging was their hobby. I realized in that moment that blogging was going to bring a lot of my hobbies together, all under one beautiful digital canopy! I am a hobby photographer, shooting whatever fancies me, but I had nothing to do with the photos except stick them up on Facebook. Blogging will allow me to utilize my photography skills and let me blather on for days about all of the random things that I fall in love with. So grab yourself a cuppa or a stiff drink, a comfy seat and have a looksie! And please read and 'take' my blog as if you are sitting and talking to your old friend who is just a tad bit 'off', has a wee bit of a twisted sense of know, the one who is always making you almost choke to death on your drink? Read my blog with that state of mind, because I don't take life to seriously, I love to laugh as often as possible!

Countless Colourful Things is a blog about just that'Many Different Things'  The main purpose of this blog is to keep a journal of sorts on all of the things that I enjoy.  Ranging from fashion to photography, music to recipes, random finds and just happy little inspirations from my everyday life.  Hopefully you'll have a bit of a laugh along the way, learn something or be inspired to try something new.  

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